Paul's Da Burger Joint - NY

Paul's Da Burger Joint is an eclectic black and white checkered stablishment. Regulars enjoy sitting at the counter, talking with the cooks that they know by name, while eating their big juicy burger and sipping their cold beer.

The available toppings include mushrooms, jalapenos, chilly, bacon, etc to name a few. Also try the shakes, frosteds, egg creams and soda floats.

Paul's offers an experience quite unlike the usual. The burgers are massive, tender and juicy like you'd never expect. The decor is cute and fun with some or the other game playing on the flat screen TV's, which a great addition to a pretty great place already! The sassy/sarcastic service might come across as arrogant to some but it's really just quirky and fun.

Paul's menu prices really make it all even better. For under 10 bucks get yourself a Bacon Cheeseburger Deluxe, which is a 1/2 pound Bacon Burger with tons of fries heaped on it!

Don't be snooty, roll up your sleeves and chow down on this messy burger from Paul's!

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