Thai in Conshy!

Chiangmai is bringing to Conshy authentic Thai fare.
Food that packs a fiery punch for those who can handle it
and delicate flavors for those who prefer it so.
There is something delicious available for everyone.

We are very happy that Zuppler and Chiangmai
have teamed up ñ thank you for making a nice
office lunch incredibly easy to arrange!
We will definitely use the system again

- Golder

Everything was delicious, almost exactly on time
and I had enough for a second meal today!

- Christine

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Paul's Da Burger Joint - NY

Paul's Da Burger Joint is an eclectic black and white checkered stablishment. Regulars enjoy sitting at the counter, talking with the cooks that they know by name, while eating their big juicy burger and sipping their cold beer.

The available toppings include mushrooms, jalapenos, chilly, bacon, etc to name a few. Also try the shakes, frosteds, egg creams and soda floats.

Paul's offers an experience quite unlike the usual. The burgers are massive, tender and juicy like you'd never expect. The decor is cute and fun with some or the other game playing on the flat screen TV's, which a great addition to a pretty great place already! The sassy/sarcastic service might come across as arrogant to some but it's really just quirky and fun.

Paul's menu prices really make it all even better. For under 10 bucks get yourself a Bacon Cheeseburger Deluxe, which is a 1/2 pound Bacon Burger with tons of fries heaped on it!

Don't be snooty, roll up your sleeves and chow down on this messy burger from Paul's!

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Caputo's Pizzeria Manayunk

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Caputo's Pizzeria is a family run business in Manayunk. Owner Scott Caputo has created a Pizzeria that has a wonderful friendly atmosphere.
Known to not skimp on their toppings, a typical slice of pizza at Caputo's is fresh, flavorful and of a generous
size. Oh and the sauce is just delicious. Though the pizzas at Caputo's is widely known and enjoyed, one must also sometimes resist the pizza and order a salad, steak or even wings. All well worth a try.
The restaurant is open late, another major plus. A mid-night pizza craving can strike even the best of us! Although they provide dine in options, it's preferable to order in or take out.

Also, the menu at Caputo's has been given a brand new make over so check out the new revamped menu!

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Win Wah - Conshy : An Old Favorite!

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The Zlog revisits an old favorite in this issue. A-travelling we go to Conshohocken! Where are we off to, you ask?
We're heading to Win Wah, the ever popular Chinese/Japanese lunch spot (a popular choice for
lunch though they're open for dinner as well).
To describe the restaurant, it's a comfortable setting with dim lighting and relaxed seating arrangement. The dining room can comfortably seat about 60 people. Service is friendly and prompt.
Win Wah's food is as good as most, but try not to expect the best Chinese in the city.
And taking a direct quote from our previous post (and why not, it is OUR post) "It's a great take out option, highly affordable and the food is pretty good, overall. Try the egg rolls, one of their most selling items. They also offer some steamed dishes for the health conscious."
Win Wah is now in the hands of a brand new set of people. Maybe they have great things in store for you guys. Watch this space!

In the meantime, please do reap the benefits of all our offers.

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Tony and Joe's - Conshy

Yet another pizzeria with all the usuals making an appearance on the menu.
The choices include steaks, salads, pizzas, burgers, hoagies etc. They serve many different combinations of pizza (ex. taco, chicken buffalo, Hawaiian, create your own, etc.).

Tony and Joe's is somewhat of a staple in Conshy and many of their regulars will tell you they've been enjoying Tony's for years! Try the meat lover's pizza ($22.45 for lg), Chicken Caesar salad ($7.40) and the sandwiches are pretty great too.

Again, Tony and Joe's will not serve you the best pizza of your life, but it's as good as any other option for a pizza delivery joint.

They are BYOB so feel free to bring some beer to go with your pizza or some wine to go with your Italian dinner if you're thinking of dining in.

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Banjara NYC

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We are giving Banjara a solid rating of 4 out of 5.

Banjara, located in 97; 1st ave, has time and again proven to be a cut above the rest. Serving some consistently delicious Indian food, Banjara is often deemed the perfect Indian choice available in the area.

Now getting back to our Banjara, the restaurant also tries to recreate the cheerful and celebratory essence of the Banjara people. The atmosphere is gleeful enough but the ambiance is a bit on the gloomier side and he seating can tend to be somewhat cramped during peak hours.

The food, though, is a different story altogether. The Awadhi rogan josh (a preparation of lamb in yogurt sauce) is superb, and so is the spicy laal maas (spicy lamb, fresh coriander, red chilies, peppercorn and browned onions ). The poori is fluffy and airy, the coconut samosas are a unique addition to the menu and well worth a try, and the Dumpakht dishes are quite easily a specialty at Banjara. MUST TRY! The menu is extensive enough to offer new choices for even the regulars without it being too strenuous to pick a dish.

The service is top notch and delivery is quick and efficient. Banjara does not disappoint.

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Desi Village

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Desi Village, an Indian restaurant tucked away in KoP has one of the most enjoyable lunch buffet in town. Great variety, fresh ingredients, well cooked food and the right mix of vegetarian and
non vegetarian dishes make it suitable for all.

They also offer an affordable lunch combo perfect for a quick meal on a work day. Priced at $5.50, the lunch combo is your choice of side dish served with rice and naan. The regular lunch menu includes the typical Indian fare, from samosas ($4.95) and shami kababs ($7.95) to main course items like chicken vindaloo ($15.95) and baingan bharta ($10.95), add some naan kulchas ($3.50) and gulab jamun for dessert ($4.95) and the meal may seem to cost a pretty penny!

But the price aside, (minor irritant if the food is good, wouldn't you agree?)Desi Village can give you the desi fix that you crave certain days. Throw in the 10% special Zuppler discount and there's really no reason to not go Indian for lunch today!

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